Sinend's Touched by an Angel

Sinend's Touched by an Angel
DOB: 11-19-2005
Gender: male (neutered)
Breed: Turkish Angora
Color: red-tabby-mackerel
Breeder: Alene Shafnisky
Country of birth: USA
HCM scan: not planed
PKD scan: not planed
(test results can be reviewed everytime)
Angel should be the daddy of our very first litter, but he never developed an interest in the other gender. Every night, he sang "very glamorous" male cat songs, but nobody knew for whom he did this. He was neutered with an age of approx. 2 years, because we were very due at our sleep. 😹 Our cute "fraidy-cat" leaves our home with an age of approx. 3.5 years together with his best buddy Tiger.

Dear Monika and Carsten, thank you very much that you take such good care for the both boys! ♥