Maybe you've already seen our "Available"-Page, where young adults and teenagers are searching for a loving new and permanent pet home. After the rehoming of these beauties, there were mostly only a short entry in our News and they were lost more or less into the oblivion ... if you now think exactly about it, we never justice to these (for us infinitely important and still unforgotten) velvet paws at our website and although we owe them so much! 😻

On order to change that and because we got sometimes the question "What happened to ...?" or "Where is ... actually?", I thought it's time for a page in honor of our "retirees".

So here is now our "Walk of Fame" ...

Sirin Eros Ramazzotti (aka Eros) and his big love Sirin Dragon Fire of Iblis Melek (aka Fire)
... are living since December 2018 with Brighty in Bremen at Kirsten & her daughter Patricia

Iblis Melek Key to my Heart (aka Special) and her sister Iblis Melek Kitty Deluxe (aka Kitty)
... are living since November 2017 in Stuttgart at Nurhan & her family

Iblis Melek Here I am! (aka Ami)
... is living since June 2016 with her daughter Vivi in Berlin at Tanja & René

Iblis Melek Indian Sunsrise (aka Sunny)
... is living since December 2015 with her brother Speedy and 5 other great velvet paws in Markt Schwaben at Susanna & Thomas

CH Yakamoz Maltesers Teaser (aka Teaser, now Rosie)
... is living since October 2015 with male cat Amadeus and she-dog Bella in Apen at Jera & Klaus-Erich

Iblis Melek Glorious Flame (aka Puenktchen) and Iblis Melek Dragon Slayer (aka Laemmchen)
... are living since September 2015 in Stade at Philipp

CH Geraylar Inayet of Iblis Melek (aka Creamy) and CH Yakamoz DiscoInferno of Iblis Melek (aka Disco)
... are living since February 2015 in Bremen at Jessie & her family

CH Darline de Sehzade (aka Lina)
... is living since July 2014 with her daughter Lady in Bremen at Silke & Martin

CH Iblis Melek Flashlight (aka Lighty)
... is living since December 2013 with her daughter Choci (now Shari) in Bremen at Katja & Ole

CH Dschadi's Eleanor Rigby (aka Elli)
... is living since January 2012 with female cat Flocke in Bremerhaven at Antje & her family

Iblis Melek Crescent Moon (aka Moony)
... is living since July 2015 with 2 other lovable velvet paws in Hamburg at Elke

Iblis Melek Bright Sprite (aka Brighty)
... is living since December 2009 with his son Devil (now Domino) in Bremen at Kirsten & her daughter Patricia

Iblis Melek A Blue Tiger (aka Tiger) and CH Sinend's Touched by an Angel (aka Angel)
... are living since April 2009 with male cat Teddy in Bremen at Monika & Carsten

Ch. Anderwelt Damla Q (aka Damla, now Mausi)
... is living since January 2008 in Bremen at Mona & her family

I would like to say "Thank you" to all these great people. They give our Stars and Starletts a wonderful and caring retirement! Without you, we never could practice this wonderful hobby and we never could bring other people so much love, heartiness and happiness in their home as well. ♥

If you're thinking I've forgotten someone in our "lap of honor", please feel free to contact me by phone (+49 421 / 65 94 002) or email.