Iblis Melek Joy and Happiness

Iblis Melek Joy and Happiness
Date of birth: 09-30-2014
Gender: male (neutered)
Breed: Turkish Angora
Color: white/odd-eyed
Breeder: K. Mainzer-Kramme
Country of birth: Germany
BAER/Oph. test: Jan. 2015
HCM scan: April 2016
PKD scan: April 2016
(test results can be reviewed everytime)
Litters: M-Litter
The mating in which this little treasure was born, was not planned. There was a time, I regretted very much that his parents took the "thing" into their own paws because we suffered also a painful loss. 😿 However, this sad time is a thing of the past and we are grateful for this little gift. ☘ 🐾 ♥ 
Happy looks his (great-)grandmother Lina not only confusingly similar, even in character he has gotten a lot of her, too. 😻