Iblis Melek Key to my Heart

Iblis Melek Key to my Heart
Date of birth: 10-06-2014
Gender: female (spayed)
Breed: Turkish Angora
Color: white/green-eyed
Breeder: Kerstin Mainzer-Kramme
Country of birth: Germany
BAER test: Jan. 2015
HCM scan: April 2016
PKD scan: April 2016
(test results can be reviewed everytime)
Litters: N-Litter
As her name "Special" already gives an idea, she is very special and already during the nursing phase, she was her siblings one step ahead and topped them all - so she got her name! Perhaps this deterred several interested persons because she was looking for the right home for a very long time! We are certainly very happy that she stayed with us, because she is in yet another thing very special, too ... the cuddling ... she sacrifices herself for her human and that makes her something special! ♥ 😻