Geraylar Inayet of Iblis Melek

Geraylar Inayet of Iblis Melek
Date of birth: 10-27-2012
Gender: male (neutered)
Breed: Turkish Angora
Color: cream-smoke
Breeder: Vladlena Levkovich
Country of birth: Russia
HCM scan: Jan. 2014 / May 2016
PKD scan: Jan. 2014
(test results can be reviewed everytime)
Litters: I-Litter
With Creamy came the gene for the dilute colors (blue & cream) with new lines in our breeding program. We expect from these lines some "diluted" offspring - the color variety, which we love so much.
After one use in our cattery and after successful neutering, he leaves our home with an age of approx. 2 years together with his best buddy Disco.

Dear Jessie, Tom and Falk, thank you very much that you take such good care for these both boys! ♥