Iblis Melek Flashlight

Iblis Melek Flashlight
Date of birth: 08-02-2010
Gender: female (spayed)
Breed: Turkish Angora
Color: white/blue-eyed
Breeder: K. Mainzer-Kramme
Country of birth: Germany
BAER/Oph. test: Nov. 2010
HCM scan: July 12 / June 13 / March 17
PKD scan: June 2013
(test results can be reviewed everytime)
Litters: H-Litter
Because Lighty did not feel very well in our large cat group, she was castrated after one use in our breeding program and she leaves our home with an age of approx. 3 years together with her daugther Choci (now Shari).

Thank you very much to Katja and Ole, that they take such good care for the both girls! ♥