Iblis Melek Kitty Deluxe

Iblis Melek Kitty Deluxe
Date of birth: 10-06-2014
Gender: female (spayed)
Breed: Turkish Angora
Color: tortie-tabby-mackerel
Breeder: Kerstin Mainzer-Kramme
Country of birth: Germany
HCM scan: April 2016
PKD scan: April 2016
(test results can be reviewed everytime)
Litters: O-Litter
Kitty is a small crazy and cuddly mouse who likes to play with balls through the house and she pokes her cute little nose really into anywhere ... you cannot escape her curiosity. 😹
This gorgeous girl has to our surprise and delight the wonderfully warm coloration of her grandfather Brighty and her great-grandmother Elli. 😻  We are very curious if Kitty can ties in with everything else to her ancestors, too. 🐾 ♥