In 2015 or rather 2016 both parents were scanned without any abnormalities "HCM and PKD free".

   Iblis Melek Little Butterfly    blue-tortie-smoke  06-07-2016 Photogallery of Butterfly

   Iblis Melek Lucy Furr    black-tortie-smoke sold Photogallery of Lucy

   Iblis Melek Loud'n Proud    blue-smoke sold Photogallery of Lou

   Iblis Melek Like a Virgin    blue-tortie sold Photogallery of Vivi

   Iblis Melek Lucky Day    blue-smoke sold Photogallery of Lucky

   Iblis Melek Lightning Star    black-tortie stays with us Photogallery of Star

   Iblis Melek Last Action Hero    blue sold Photogallery of Hero


If you should be already interest on one of the little velvet paws,
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